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  1. Huesin Administrator Feb 20, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24everNah, i doubt you do. Heh.

    Ah.. not really. Well, i don't consider what i do, work. To me it gives me something to do and distract me, and i don't mind it.

    Who knows, I know many people here :P but I'm probably being nosey.. sorry Sammy xwx
    I'm not gonna ask about work either. Me too, for me it's something I do to pass time and get money, it's pretty tiring tho..

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24ever
    XD I don't judge.

    haha, good then :P
    btw are you into any fandoms?

  3. Huesin Administrator Feb 18, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24everYou sound like my one friend.. you should really find a chance to break soon so you don't turn to powder..

    I do? Who's that friend, maybe I know him/her?

    Right now, I'm chillin'.. trying to find something fun to do, and talking to friends. I don't think I'll turn into powder yet x.x
    Btw, do you work or do you study? :o

  4. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 18, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24ever
    Haha yes i do actually~
    I just don't do it here lol I rp on Facebook and a lot of people seem to love my writing. But with that perk comes cons(as always) @~@

    I see, its all good then, you'll always find people that doesn't like what you do lol.
    I'm no pro at roleplaying I guess >3>

  5. Huesin Administrator Feb 18, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24everOh it's lovely actually :O !

    I've been fine. The usual ups and downs that everyone has but i am hanging in there.
    And you?

    I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad you're doing fine. Hang in there :O

    Er.. me? having more downs than ups lately, but I'm doing fine. I just need to stop working and need to take more breaks, or my body is gonna become dust soon xwx
    Well, I'm off, so take care and cya later! DAW-chan~ >:3

  6. Huesin Administrator Feb 17, 2015

    Now that I look at it closely.. she looks more like an angel witch xwx

    This one tho:


    It's not as dark as you are, but at least is a wizard.. Anyway, how you doing lately. Dark Angel Sammy? :)

  7. Huesin Administrator Feb 17, 2015

    Lookie! An angel wizard!



  8. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24ever
    I was.. and wasn't lol It depended on how i felt and all!
    And nice to meet you as well!

    I must say that i am happy that i came back here after so long lol

    yus, welcome back :3
    I see, you like RP? o:

  9. Shimazaki Feb 15, 2015

    Thanks for the Fav+ im glad you like it
    BLACK & WHITE by Shimazaki
    BLACK & WHITE by Shimazaki

  10. YoruAngel866 Feb 14, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24ever It's quite simple but badass at the same time.
    This one is definitely one of most favorite pics of Shiki~

    heheh thank you!

  11. LuluOokami Feb 14, 2015


    Since I been thinking about how growing up we would give all our friends and classmates a Valentine's Day card and it brought joy I wanted to try to bring that joy once more to all my friends here. So I hope that this Valentine's Day you get to spend it doing things that you enjoy with the one you enjoy spending your time with the most.

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2015

    Quote by AngelSammy24ever
    Yas! @.@

    but I was never very talkative back then so, nice to meet you!

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